Ken Ferruccio’s letter to the editor of the Warren Record was published just days after county commissioners dropped the county’s lawsuit to stop the PCB landfill.  Their decision came as a total surprise to citizens who had charged commissioners to spend on the lawsuit whatever was necessary  in order to stop the PCB landfill.  Behind closed doors, commissioners agreed to let the state bury the roadside PCBs in Warren County on the condition that the state  deed the 120 acre  landfill buffer zone to the county.  This condition was to ensure that the state could not expand the landfill so that more PCBs could be buried at the landfill site. Ironically, the deal was part of a liability sleight-of-hand that created an additional injustice, releasing the state from ownership responsibility while making the county liable for the contaminated buffer zone.

Ken’s 5-31`-82 letter to WR

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