Slide Shows of photos taken during the protest campaign against the siting of the PCB landfill in Warren County, NC taken during the time leading up to and including the marches in 1982.

Photos by Mac Shaffer

Photos by Matt Cooper, Jr.

Carol Limer Bland, Larry Limer and Deborah Ferruccio discuss the beginnings of the movement to stop the state of NC from dumping toxic PCBs in Warren County. They talk about what drove them to act.

Dr. Joel Hirshorn speaking about problems at the PCB landfill.

Dr. Patrick Barnes speaking about more problems at the PCB landfill.

Rev. Ramey remembers the beginnings of the movement.

Dr. McGurty discusses the bravery and tenacity of the Warren Co. citizens.



2 Responses to Videos

  1. Azim says:

    Is there any way to get a digital copy of these interviews as well as an account of the Warren County environmental justice movement.

  2. Stan Hamm says:

    Was the black tanker ever found and do you have a map of the highways the tanker traveled

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